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Kaizen Wealth Planning specializes in tax-optimized retirement income planning and efficient core portfolio construction, and we understand that the majority of our clients are at or near retirement stage. As a result, we have developed our expertise in tax-optimized financial planning accordingly. Our approach to financial planning is unique, as we believe that true ownership over your estate leads to optimizing your scarcest asset, which is time. When you own your assets, and your assets do not own you, you begin to live more freely and purposefully with your time. This philosophy guides us in our mission to help our clients achieve true financial independence, so they can live life on their terms.

We believe that financial planning is done best when tax strategies are employed across the board of a client's plan. That is why Kaizen works closely with CPAs to ensure that our clients' financial plans are optimized for tax efficiency. In addition to tax-optimized financial planning, we also specialize in assisting business owners and their companies. We understand the unique challenges faced by business owners and can provide expert guidance on how to optimize their financial plans for maximum benefit.

As a CFP® and AIF®, David works closely with clients
to provide personalized, comprehensive financial planning services




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